Why Sukavana

Why work with SUKAVANA?

  • holistic and solution-focused approach, not *band-aid*
  • focus on self-awareness as stepping-stone to personal and leadership development – "know yourself - know your culture - know your impact"
  • tailored programs, using a blend of science based techniques & tools (EQ - Emotional Intelligence, CQ - Cultural Intelligence, PQ - Positive Intelligence, Positive Psychology, Neuroscience), effective adult-learning approaches and blended learning methods

  • continuous support - sounding board for any challenging situation

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes".  Marcel Proust


As an InterCulturalist I support you:

  • to understand your own values | belief systems and how those influence your behaviour (e.g. leadership style)
  • learn that our own concept of “normal” is not always others' “normal”
  • learn to identify and manage your biases and blind spots 
  • make sense of the unknown in any new environment
  • understand the unique set of norms and behaviours within a specific culture
  • develop strategies and practical skills to operate more efficiently and balanced

What are your aspirations? Are you open to new experiences? Are you curious to learn how you can capitalise on your natural strengths and talents?

Do you seek more happiness  better performance, healthy relationships and peace of mind?

If so, unleash your mind and become part of the 20% of people who achieve their true potential. So you can thrive in any uncertain environment and any challenging situation.

"Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant." Maya Angelou

My story is one of challenging the "status quo" and taking the roads less travelled. I simply love the diversity of life, so exploring the unknown comes naturally – new places, people and their stories (travel) and our minds (understanding human behaviour). Wanderlust and sense of adventure led me to travel, work and study in many different places across the world. My ambition still is travelling more and working across Africa. Berlin, London, Melbourne were home at some stage and since 2010 it is Cape Town in beautiful South Africa.

Experiencing plenty of challenging situations myself I know what it means to face resistance and judgement, try to understand and communicate with people with different mindsets, or to settle in another country. I relate well to feelings of uncertainty and know the process of going through change. The most crucial lesson I learned when I started my own business was the importance of self-discovery.

When building a house you need a strong foundation. Without it, doesn't matter how gorgeous the architecture, it will be shaky and might eventually collapse. Knowing our values and strengths, what drives us and where we want to go, is our foundation!  I believe that we already have the best version of ourselves within us. It is often hidden under the many layers of our life experiences (culture). It is there to be unleashed. With more clarity and motivation we can focus on what we want and stop fighting what we do not want anymore.

As a certified Cross-Cultural Leadership and PQ-Mental Fitness Coach my aspiration is to assist others – learn, grow, become more independent, make changes that last, see more opportunities and live a balanced life. What drives me? Witnessing people grow - changing their perspectives, their mindset, their behaviour - opening up and feeling encouraged to go places where they wouldn’t have gone before.

My luck in life is that my work combines much of what I love – travel, research, learning, sharing. It requires a deep dive into Humanities and Social- and Neuro-Science and in my programs I combine foundational cross-cultural knowledge with current evidence based methodologies and tools. I am not married to any one style or methodology but prefer to have a toolbox from which to work thereby offering a customised experience. I believe that when it comes to us human beings, a holistic approach is key. Everyone and every case is unique. The knowledge and experiences I acquired during my 20+ years in international business are my foundation to support others.  LinkedIn

Brand-new Personal & Leadership Development Opportunity @PQ&Beyond 

My Certifications

Embodied Transformation 

Positive Intelligence / Mental Fitness Coach

ICQ Global Disc Practitioner 

Executive Coaching 

Emotional Intelligence 

Positive Psychology 

Time To Think 


Countries Experienced

australia – austria – azores - belgium – botswana - burma - cambodia – cuba - czech republic – denmark – egypt – france – germany - great britain – greece – hungary - hong kong – indonesia – ireland – israel - italy – japan – jordan – laos – lebanon - lesotho – malta – morocco – namibia – netherlands – palestine – portugal – singapore - slovak republic - south africa – spain – syria – tanzania - thailand – turkey – u.s.a. - zambia -


  • PQ&Beyond for leadership & team development 
  • global partner network @ ICQ Global  
  • language courses
  • relocation support
  • immigration lawyers
  • cross-cultural marketing