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90% of strategies fail because people think and behave differently*... Today we find diversity all around us; in business, administration, schools, universities, sports, travel etc. Hence, our capability of how to successfully adapt is tested constantly.

Thriving companies and leaders understand the impact culture has on the success or failure of their business. Inter-cultural management is, therefore, one of their top priorities. Is it yours?

SUKAVANA - a Training & Coaching business - ensures that diversity becomes an asset and adds value to your business.  We assist individuals, teams and organisations with assessments, trainings and on-going support.

Our approach is holistic - not *band-aid*. The trainings equip you with the knowledge, tools and skills to embrace diversity, hence foster inclusion, and flourish during times of change and transition.

In our VUCA world and the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) change is the only constant, hence agility is key. 

Challenges become opportunities...

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