Cultural Intelligence (CQ) vs InterCultural Intelligence (ICI)

The concept of Cultural Intelligence was developed to ease and understand multicultural interactions in civil society and business. 

Intercultural Intelligence, or ICI, is a term that is used for the capability to function effectively in culturally diverse settings and consists of different dimensions (metacognitive, cognitive, motivational and behavioural) which are correlated to effectiveness in global environment (cultural judgement and decision making, cultural adaptation and task performance in culturally diverse settings).

In a culturally diverse society, his or her intercultural intelligence in used to expand on one’s understanding of the attitudes and knowledge base of one’s own culture as well as those of the dominant cultural groups within a society. In a global society, the demand for intercultural intelligence is increasing as the world become more global throughout the many different sectors of our lives.

The theory of ICI disagrees with the assumptions of national cultures and instead suggest that there are individual “self-cultures” and corporate “self-cultures”. This can be seen today where an Indian is born and raised in Kuwait, their native tongue is English, and they work for a Korean company. Cross-cultural communication depends on much more than just language, culture plays a significant role. Language without ICI can lead to false cultural understanding and can actually become a disadvantage in communication… more info

Intercultural Intelligence differs from Cultural Intelligence in that it is based from the belief in interculturalism while CQ is based from the belief in multiculturalism.

Cultural Intelligence or cultural quotient (CQ) is a term used in business, education, government and academic research. Cultural intelligence can be understood as the capability to relate and work effectively across cultures. The concept is related to that of cross-cultural competence but goes beyond that to actually look at intercultural capabilities as a form of intelligence that can be measured and developed. more info


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