Sukavana Programs

Programs Inter-Cultural Education / Training

  • are you part of or leading a cultural diverse team?
  • select employees for an international assignment?
  • moving to a new city or country?
  • raising your children in a multi-cultural community?
  • or interested in self-growth & development?

SUKAVANA assists individuals, teams and companies to flourish within diverse environments | cultures. Our approach is holistic. Our programs facilitate an understanding, appreciation, and strategic approach to cultural diversity. You will gain knowledge and develop skills and strategies to enhance your relationships with colleagues, partners and customers of other cultural backgrounds. You will learn to think differently and deal with the unexpected, hence increase your impact

Programs are designed to

  • foster self-awareness
  • raise awareness of cultural aspects - in business and socially
  • develop emotional and cultural intelligence
  • identify the impact of perceptions and stereotypes
  • learn to manage biases
  • develop a growth mindset
  • prepare and support expatriates
  • re-integrate and support inpatriates / repatriates

Programs are designed for

  • individuals, teams and organisations operating within diverse environments
  • international / multi-cultural teams and projects
  • workforce adjustment, e.g. after M&As etc.
  • expatriates, inpatriates, repatriates & families
  • HR & management
  • Start-ups, SMEs, MNCs, NGOs, SOEs, embassies, universities, schools...

Programs include

  • individual / team assessments and analysis
  • tailored programs according to client's needs and company's objectives
  • cultural exposure, practical experiences, field trips
  • continuous support e.g. evaluation of business practices
  • monitoring, evaluation, measurements of effectiveness (ROI | ROE)
  • vetting communication e.g. answering specific questions

Our programs are

(1) interactive – using different formats to maximise the long-term impact

(2) tailored – using a blend of science based techniques & tools: EQ, CQ, Positive Psychology, NeuroScience, latest Adult-Learning approaches

(3) focus on developing knowledge and skills that employees and their families need to manage the challenges and opportunities

Step1: self-awareness – know yourself – learn your values
Step2: knowledge + skill-building + skill-mastery

There is no set formula

Each program is designed according to the client’s needs assessment. The practical content is built around the business objectives. Our training style is self-reflective and encouraging; it enables participants to incorporate the learning into their own thinking and behaviour.

Suitability Analysis

are you or is the candidate suitable for the assignment?

  • adaptability (readiness for working abroad)
  • inter-cultural competence (attitude, knowledge, skills)
  • situational factors (target specific knowledge, language, family)


  • establishing employees' / assignees' motivation, needs, goals and expectations
  • establishing challenges, concerns, opportunities

  • Global Disc™ ICF accredited, multi award-winning behavioural model explaining how personality type and cultural background influences all 3 layers of identity: WHY, WHAT and HOW we think, feel and act the way we do.

Global Mindset Training

Using Global DISC

  • Building Awareness KNOWING
    globalisation - the greatest opportunity
    cultural intelligence - benefits and cost of not having it
    culture and people - greatest asset or liability 

  • Building Competency UNDERSTANDING
    culture - software of the mind
    diversity - liability without inclusion  

  • Building Skills USING
    understanding underlying cultural values & drivers

    make sense of why people think, feel and behave differently so you can unlock the potential within and between them. 

Specific culture training

Cultural Awareness  

  • concept of culture (and sub-cultures)
  • intercultural sensitivity - how the knowledge of culture relates to an effective performance
  • discover your own cultural values and attitudes
  • intercultural communication and negotiation skills
  • different perspectives
  • understand and manage biases 
  • intercultural etiquette
  • culture shock, causes and symptoms
  • strategies and guidelines for cultural adjustments
  • be able to face different legal, political, social environments
  • build a strong foundation to be able to adapt and perform effectively 

Specific Cultures 

  • difference between home and host culture
  • tools to anticipate and recognise specific cultural behaviors
  • country specific knowledge

International Business (general / industry specific)

  • doing business across cultures
  • company culture
  • decision making processes
  • communication and negotiations 
  • leadership styles 
  • motivating employees and giving feedback
  • comparison of business practices
  • business etiquette and protocols
  • business entertaining

Family / Spouse (home and away)

  • transitional issues
  • strategies for harmonious family life
  • unaccompanied assignees
  • TCK’s - advantages of "third culture kids"
  • managing separation
  • issues facing the stay-at-home partner