Benefits WHO will gain and HOW?


  • with a diverse work force
  • operating across cultural borders
  • start-up business in new locations
  • deal with intercultural marketing


  • executives on foreign assignments (expatriates and inpatriates)
  • returning managers and employees (repatriates)
  • accompanying spouses or family at home
  • anyone working across cultural boundaries or within a diverse environment
  • anyone interested in or visiting other cultures


  • selecting and sending people to other locations?
  • is your workforce becoming increasingly diverse?
  • hiring people from different backgrounds?

Benefits for companies

substantial time and cost savings & employee retention:

  • fewer cultural problems in business negotiations
  • enhanced responsiveness to customer needs
  • diminish the adjustment time
  • proactive management of intercultural issues
  • developing culturally competent employees
  • more effective team interactions
  • improved job satisfaction

Benefits for employees / individuals

cultural awareness, knowledge and practical skills:

  • understand the concept of culture, cultural differences and their consequences
  • understand your own culture and how others see it
  • identify options for appropriate behavior in other cultures
  • prepare for living and working in a different culture 
  • learn practical skills for easing the transition and better adaption
  • manage culture shock e.g. reduce confusion, tension and enhance productivity
  • increase satisfaction and comfort